Terms Of Services

Where are you located?

Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore 560022.

How do I order the product?

Please go online to www.grainbow.com and Order.

When will I receive my Order?

Our working days are Monday to Saturday. We are closed on National Holidays. If we receive the Order before 12 Noon, we ship the same day, if not the next working day. You should receive it within 2 to 6 working days based on your Destination pin code. The farther you are from us, the more time it will take to get to you.

How is POSHAN POORAK made?

We sprout the millets, pulses, legumes, and quinoa, and then we pop them as we roast them. The other grains/seeds, nuts, and spices are roasted and then powdered. Then we blend them with the measured amounts of saffron, jaggery, cinnamon, guar, and xanthan gum, and then we pack them in various sizes of stand up pouches.

What makes POSHAN POORAK different from other products?

Here are 3 ways to address the question:

  • a) Approach - Every POSHAN POORAK package comes with descriptive text that provides the shopper with much-needed information.
  • b) Quality - POSHAN POORAK provides you the best quality.
  • c) The difference - Please visit & see the list of comparisons on the website.

How is quality ensured?

First and foremost, strict quality control measures are taken to source ingredients from various registered and recognized vendors. Then we make sure that the grains and seeds, and other ingredients are cleaned, and any unwanted material is separated and removed. Then we supervise the manufacturing process by following strict guidelines established by the agencies which have provided us with our Licenses and Certifications.

What Payment methods can I use?

Paytm, Goggle pay, Phone pe, and any kinds of online payments are accepted.

Which method of Ordering is best for me?

Online mode of Ordering is best suitable.

Do you have all the licenses and certifications?

Yes we have all the licenses- license no-11217332000408
ISO 9001:2015 GMP certified
ISO 22000:2018 (FSMA).

Do I get a discount on POSHAN POORAK?

Yes, we provide you with a free shaker bottle when you purchase a 1kg bag. Shipping is free when you buy 2 x 1kg Bags.

Is POSHAN POORAK suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, it is suitable for Vegetarians. It is non-dairy, Non-GMO, and is also Gluten-Free.

Is POSHAN POORAK good with the milk or water?

It is your choice. You can mix it water, milk, buttermilk, or juice. You can add it with fruits in a blender and add the liquid of choice and have a sumptuous shake.

What is the best time to drink Poshan Poorak?

You may replace a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). It's your choice.

Can Poshan Poorak increase Weight?

If you are underweight, by taking POSHAN POORAK, you can reach the optimum weight, which means you can manage your Weight. If you are overweight, you can replace a meal or even 2 meals per day to decrease your weight to reach your target and required BMI.

Is this suitable for all age groups?

Yes, it is suitable for anyone 10 years & above. For children below the age of 7 years, we recommend that the required quantity be added to boiling water or milk before consuming.

How many times a day can you have POSHAN POORAK?

Two times a day. If you are underweight, you can reach the optimum Weight by consuming it along with a meal, or between meals. If you are overweight, you can replace your meal with this product.

Is this Product Healthy?

Yes, it is a 100% Healthy product with time tested and proven natural ingredients.

How many ingredients are used in POSHAN POORAK

26 natural ingredients.

What are the ingredients used in the Poshan poorak products?

Finger millet, Foxtail millet, Browntop millet, Quinoa, Flaxseed, Chia seed, Amaranth Horse gram, Green gram, Bengal gram, Dry dates, Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Walnuts, Fenugreek seeds, Caraway seeds, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Black pepper, Saffron, Jaggery, Guar gum & Acacia gum.

Does this product contain preservatives, additives, or artificial colors?

No, it doesn’t contain any kind of preservatives, additives, or artificial colors.

Is this poshan poorak ready to use?

Yes, POSHAN POORAK is ready to use, as it is pre-cooked by sprouting and then popping ingredients (where applicable) and roasting all ingredients before they are powdered and blended.

What are the different recipes that could be made out of POSHAN POORAK?

Please follow the instructions in the section on the website to make the following recipe: Black forest smoothie; Kiwi crush garden smoothie; Garden green; Pink flamingo smoothie, Berry easy smoothie, Blueberry blush smoothie, Peanut butter banana smoothie, Coco macho smoothie, and Tahiti sweetie smoothie.

Does this product help in digestive support?

Yes, the spices and Prebiotics in POSHAN POORAK provide digestive support.

Does this POSHAN POORAK contain all the essential daily nutrition required?

Yes, this product contains all the essential nutrients, such as Protein, Carbohydrate, Good fat, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients.

Is this Vegan?

Yes, it is Vegan.